Pre-season events

Membership renewal see Para TT training 29th September + Competition 30th September Training on Saturday from 9.00 – 4.30 and need help with refreshments all day. On Sunday from 9.00 – 5.00 we also need help with refreshments, but also need ball pickers up for the wheelchair players. 2 people needed at any one […] Continue reading →

Waterside Summer League 2018

There are 9 teams in Div 2 that will play each other once. Div 1 is split into two groups of 7. The teams in each group play each other. There will then be matches between the teams of the other group in the equivalent positions Nominal start time 7:30pm – let opponents know if […] Continue reading →

Waterside Individual Summer League

Competition holder John Fox has organised an Individual Summer League. Players are organised into different groups each week. Players only play each other only once throughout the competition. Players will play the other players in their group (as long as they have not previously played each other). The top 3 players of each group are awarded points: […] Continue reading →

NCL at Waterside Final Results

Introduction The National Cadet League hosted by Waterside TTC, has expanded this year to 20 teams, grouped into 4 divisions. The divisions have been organised as two divisions of 6 and 2 divisions of 4 teams. The 4 team divisions use the 9-set format, where each player of the 3 player teams play each of […] Continue reading →

News Update March 2018

Donic Easter Closure The club will be closed over the Easter period ie Friday 30th March and Monday 2nd April. Southampton Closed Tournament The Southampton Closed has been rescheduled for 22nd April 2018. All entrants, need to apply via the website, including those who previously entered for the original event which was cancelled due to […] Continue reading →