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Waterside 1-star

Waterside 1-star tournament

Waterside 1 star June 2014

Waterside One Star Tournament 21st & 22nd June 2014 Results

The tournament was well attended and the standards were high.

Saturday saw 10 people enter the under 13s, and 14 people enter the cadets tournaments and on Sunday there were 20 entered for the junior and 30 entered the senior (prize) tournament.

The results for these were:

Under 13s

  1. Ryan Darwen
  2. Jamie Blair
  3. Joe Barraclough
  4. Will Jolliffe
  5. Ellis Crockford
  6. Matthew Thomas
  7. Matthew Stanfield
  8. Alex Malloch
  9. Ethan Geat
  10. Luke Darwen

John Fox and David Wills on the control desk. Together with Colin French and Nico Calabiano they are a voluntary team enabling the tounament run smoothly


  1. Ben Cawston
  2. Vincent Cheung
  3. Ryan Darwen
  4. Jack Stockdale
  5. Ben Graham
  6. Oliver Keirans
  7. Andre Coppard
  8. Alex Malloch
  9. Harry Gavins
  10. Joe Barraclough
  11. Jamie Blair
  12. Matthew Thomas
  13. Rob Sills
  14. Luke Darwen

Artur Caltabiano and Sam Perez-Hayes with their trophies


  1. Artur Caltabiano
  2. Sam Perez-Hayes
  3. Vincent Cheung
  4. James Ellicott
  5. Tom Cherry
  6. Chi-Yeung Lim
  7. Jamie Hall
  8. Sam Millar
  9. Tom Barrett
  10. Jack Doncom
  11. Jacob Blackburn
  12. Moses Lewis
  13. Ben Graham
  14. Lilly Cherry
  15. Wares Hamidi
  16. Yacub Paszkiewicz
  17. Luke Goodall
  18. Tom Foreman
  19. Ben Kinch
  20. Charlie Griffiths

Winners of the senior tournament Left to Right: Matt Ware (2nd), David McBeath (1st) and Steve Foster (3rd)


  1. David McBeath
  2. Matt Ware
  3. Steve Foster
  4. Martin Matuzevicius
  5. Ben Causton
  6. John McBeath
  7. Jaroslaw Klamut
  8. Ed Slot
  9. Jimmy Yeung
  10. Rory Scott
  11. Chris Pickard
  12. Wojciech Placek
  13. Mike Rhodes
  14. Zac Dowling
  15. Matt Rogers
  16. Matthew Daish
  17. Artur Caltabiano
  18. Geoff Ware
  19. Chris Pullinger
  20. Nick Webb
  21. Simon Knivett
  22. Tony Bartram
  23. Helmuth Osborne
  24. James Ellicott
  25. Steve Lawson
  26. Chi-Yeung Lim
  27. Tom Barrett
  28. Christeen Keene
  29. WD Jonny Mcmullan & Brian Hayes

The tournament concluded with some high class matches, between some of the top players.
Here are some examples of the matches:

David McBeath v Martin Matuzevicius – 1st & 2nd set

David McBeath v Martin Matuzevicius – 3rd set

Matt Ware v Stephen Foster – 2nd set

Matt Ware v Stephen Foster – 3rd set

Matt Ware v Stephen Foster – 4th set

The Final – David McBeath v Matt Ware – Set 1

David McBeath v Matt Ware – Final – Waterside 1 Star, 2014 – set 2

David McBeath v Matt Ware – Final – Waterside 1 Star, 2014 – set 3

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